Our residents typically come to us after completing primary treatment.

Our program consists of a set of rules that each participant must follow to maintain their status in the program. As a program participant, you receive residence in one of our houses.

Residents are responsible for purchasing and preparing their own food, though housing, utilities and furnishings are provided.

Basic rules include:

  • Maintain your sobriety
  • Attend at least three meetings a week
  • Meet with a sponsor regularly
  • Attend weekly house meetings
  • Maintain a full time job, school or volunteer schedule
  • Perform a house chore

Levels of Care

Clinical Services:

We offer varying degrees of clinical case management services. These services are conducted by one of our licensed drug and alcohol counselors to help ensure the resident is receiving the appropriate care and getting the most out the resources available to them.

Level 1: Standard

This is our basic level of care and includes an initial needs assessment with 1 hour of monthly support.

Level 2: Intermediate

Comprehensive needs assessment with up to 4 hours of monthly support

Level 3: Advanced Case Management

Comprehensive needs assessment with up to 8 hours of monthly support


Costs listed include the monthly housing cost as well as the case management services described.

Deposit: $500

Level 1 varies by house:

        1. Walker: $750 per month
        2. Grand: $650 per month
        3. Park: $600 per month
        4. Dayton: $650 per month

Level 2:

$1,050 per month

Level 3:

$1,450 per month